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Hearing Aid Technology

The technology in hearing aids has changed more in the last 5 years than any other time period. With the introduction of digital and wireless technology came many other improvements in hearing aids, including significant improvement in sound quality, control of annoying feedback (squeal), hands-free operation, moisture proofing of internal and external components, wind suppression, and more power in smaller hearing aids. If you are looking for the most advanced hearing aid technology, see us!

Today’s hearing aids are small, smart and simple to use.

Exactly how small are today’s hearing aids? So small, the hearing aids can be virtually invisible in the ear, yet perform better than a hearing aid that previously was much larger and more cumbersome. Today you can count on more power in a smaller package.

Exactly how smart are today’s hearing aids? So smart, the hearing aids are now capable of wireless connectivity to your cell phone with features such as bluetooth, volume control, program change and even find a lost hearing aid. Imagine controlling your hearing aid volume or finding a lost hearing aid with your cell phone!

Exactly how simple to use are today’s hearing aids? So simple to use the hearing aids, all you have to do is put them in your ears. They do the rest, listening to sounds around you and amplifying the voice sounds nearest you and diminishing the unwanted noise, operating fully automatically with no buttons to push and no dials to turn. Hands-free…it can’t get any simpler than that.

It’s a matter of personal choice.

Keep it simple, or be amazed with connectivity capability.

Your cellphone becomes so much more than a phone. Your hearing aids connect wirelessly to your phone, but not just for phone conversations. The app enables you to turn your hearing aid volume up and down, change programs for different environments (home, restaurant, concert, etc.) and find lost hearing aids.

Personalize your hearing experience, from your own phone

With the ReSound smart hearing aids, the ReSound Smart™ app will enable you to discreetly fine-tune your hearing aids to your unique taste.

  • Volume Control – discreetly adjust volume, treble, bass on the go.Change Program – create programs for favorite places and your hearing aids will switch to them automatically or you can activate them
  • Quick Start Guide – at your fingertips if you forget how to activate a particular function of your hearing aids
  • Find Lost Hearing Aids – track down misplaced hearing aids with “Finder” function
  • Balance Sounds – when streaming audio from your TV, stereo or computer, control device and surrounding volume separately
  • Save Favorite Settings - so you can activate them when you want
  • Comfort in Noise – reduce noise in loud environments so listening is more comfortable and speech easier to understand
  • Speech Focus – adjust your hearing aid’s to focus in the direction of the speaker
  • Comfort in Wind – activate the wind filter to reduce the amount of intrusive wind noise on a windy day for maximum listening comfort

For more information go to http://www.resound.com/en-US/hearing-aids/apps/sma...

The ReSound Smart app is available for freedownload from the App Store for iOS devices and GooglePlay™ for select Android devices.

Our staff is continually being educated and trained in the latest technology, ensuring our patients receive the most advanced hearing aid technology available and the best possible hearing.