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Hearing Aid Accessories

A wide array of accessories are available to enhance the capability of your hearing aids. All accessories are optional, and a matter of personal preference, keeping in mind that adding accessories are not necessary to obtain peak performance from your hearing aids.

Mini Mic

Enhance conversations by wirelessly directly streaming speaker’s voice into your hearing aids – in the car, in meetings, at home, etc.

TV Streamer

Enhance television listening by wirelessly streaming TV audio directly into your hearing aids.

Remote Volume Control

Enhance conversations by wirelessly turning your hearing aid’s volume up and down, depending on personal preference.


Your iPhone, iPad, or smart phone can serve as a wireless accessory, controlling your hearing aid's volume and sound quality and allowing you to change programs based on the environment you may be in. You can also control the focus of the hearing aids on a specific speaker and even help you find a lost hearing aid from your phone or Apple device. These features are a FREE download to your phone or Apple product.